We have put together a variety of information from parents, support organisations and other professionals involved in the management of people with Floating Harbor Syndrome and it is very important to acknowledge their contribution so that their valuable time and efforts are well recognised.

In some instances, we have no names, only the organisation or the website; if you recognise your link, please get in touch so that we can update our database and amend the record accordingly.

In no particular order, we would like to thank and acknowledge:


FHS contact pageContact a Family FHS

Sarah Nikkel (Geneticist) @

Susan Spinasanta (Managing Medical Editor, Vertical Health) Scoliosis in Children

CAF London officeCAF Organisation

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Rachel MarshAnti-Bullying UK

Childs Eyeline

Microcephaly Foundation

Genome Medicine University of Exeter

London GeneticsGuys and St.Thomas

Noni Louther, parent of FHS young adults (Australia)

Meghan Towne – Genetic Counsellor Boston Childrens Hospital, Boston, MA

Dinah Aitken – Deputy Head of Direct Help and Support (Mindroom)

Mindroom – is a special needs charity for children and adults affected by learning difficulties and learning disabilities.

Voluntary Health Scotland (VHS)